Thursday, November 26, 2009

Norwegian Words

The following Norwegian words and phrases are found in the baptismal and marriage certifications and records:
kirkebok - church book
innført - registered
sønn - son
døpt - baptized
fødelsdag - birthdate
ikke oppgitt - not declared
datter - daughter
leilendinger - tenant farmer
født - born
ektefolk - husband and wife
samme år - same year
ungkar - bachelor
pike - girl
viet -married
brudgommen - the bridegroom
fra - from
bruden - bride
gårdbruker - farmer
The columns in the copy of the church baptism register are as follows:

birthdate, baptism date, full name, legitimate or illeg., parents' names, sponsors' names


voxdoc said...

These Norwegian terms are also useful for most genealogical documents. The marriage and baptism certificates mentioned will appear out of order in the blog and will be used with the persons to whom they refer.

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